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An experiment poisson process poisson has the following properties:. The number hospital management system software of results that occur within a time interval or region certain not influenced by what happens at intervals or other regions apart. The opportunity for a result in a short time interval in a small area is proportional to the length of interval or the size of the area and does not depend on the hospital management system software number of results occurred in outside an interval or region. The opportunity for more than one result within a short time interval or a narrow area can be ignored. The exponential distribution is the obvious usefulness of generating function moment.

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Moment generating function of a random variable is used for raised up or find a moment of random variables with lowering the moment generating function to n times walpole and myers.jackson. Network queue jackson is one of the network queue algorithm based on queue precedence on each server. Output queue will be given on the queue the other, after receiving certain services. This model can be analyzed by queue management software use a birth-death process multidimensional. Jackson network queue a queue where consumers can move from one workstation to another workstation several times before leaving the system. Model queuing system it will be possible to determine performance measures as issues caused by queuing situations associated with the speed issue service.

Model queues jackson gives the equilibrium distribution network as a combined product of the equilibrium distribution of individual queues. The techniques optimal solution such as analytic and queuing theory that has a predetermined formula used to solve the problem queuing network. Queue data packets on a computer network has a process transmission is so complex that does not allow analyzed analytic, and therefore we need a modeling and simulation present system in order to observe the behavior of the system with the aim estimates and ultimately improve system performance. Modeling and simulation are used to estimate the situation queues in fact, so the queuing behavior can be analyzed.

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Analysis on the appropriate queuing model will allow cause queues are identified and their effects can be minimized. Queues model the jackson network data packets from the external environment to arrive network to form a poisson process that has fcfs queuing discipline and move with probabilistic to the next node hospital management system software after completed in previous node with a particular service. Jackson has a network queue sustainable properties at each node that provides services to each queue are independent of each other to allow for analyze each node separately using the service time different distribution supriana. Studies that have been done related to the queuing system is on package switching on a computer network using the model of management and control congestion orientation for analyzing system lam and long. Model queuing network by blocking the flow analysis of patients in the queue system mental health services with numerical methods.

Settings external happened in the queue using a model network sites jackson queuing network with the analytic method darmawan. System queue two steps two stage series, or known by the system found on car assembly, the process of filling the production of beverage bottles and others. Discussion of the k-step queuing system there is a theorem that known theorem jackson winston, which reads: if inter-arrival time inter arrival time for the sequence of queuing system is exponentially distributed with mean, service time for every waiter server is exponentially and for each step. Prototyping is one method of software development many used. This prototyping method developers and customers can interact with each other during the manufacturing process of the system. Subscribers only defines in general what he wanted without mentioning output for more info detail what is needed, and the data processing anything required.

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